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    First off, let me mention that plugin is really a must have to whoever wants to establish a reward system in forum, so I wanted to commend the author for releasing it.
    One suggestion that I hope you will accept is including a way for forum staff to be notified when a member buys an items from JCoins shop. As the user-base grows, it becomes difficult to manually keep track of who bought what.

    I believe that the plugin Thread Form is conflicting with JCoins to some level. If I insert text in the Shop item description and leave BBCode option unchecked, the ACP crashes returning a fatal error. Looking up the error code I noticed this warning:
    An update of package de.wcflabs.wbb.threadForm from version 1.1.0 to 1.1.2 is not supported.

    I think that there might be some code clashing somewhere between the JCoins and Thread Form plugins.


    @Josh The issue persists even after uninstalling Thread Form plugin. Once both plugin are installed it seems they clash, and removing thread form still won't fix the problem.


    I started using JCoins, and I noticed that HTML doesn't seem to work for me, as you can see in the screenshots. I must point out that I set all right permissions in ACP.

    Maybe I am missing something obvious or overlooking a simple setting?


    I was wondering if it could be possible to resize the frame (box) for each item shown on the Shop page, in order to make them smaller and able to fit more in one "line?"

    Currently, we can place only one item on each line because we have one big row that fits the width of the page. I would like to have the ability to place 4 rows, where each box would have its own Buy button, and with the boxes that would dynamically drop up or down as users resizes the browser page.

    To better appreciate what I'd like to achieve, take a look at the image below. As you can see, the shop page is divided in 4 rows and displays 4 items on each line. This way we can better use all the space available on the Shop page, inserting more items, and we aren't forced to fill the item box with text that otherwise would be big and empty.

    Would you be so kind to suggest how could I implement this? Thanks

    Will you ever consider including a full editor for the shop Items section in ACP? Having an editor will let users taking full advantage of the shop, because it would allow them to better customize the posting for items sold in that section. While BBCode and HTML allow to do this to some point, a full editor could really become an asset by simplifying user interaction and making the plugin more popular and competitive.

    Please, consider implementing my suggestion.