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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the informative reply. I'm happy to report that we're no longer experiencing any errors.

    COULD NOT DUPLICATE the reported error regarding the whisper command not working when clicking on a user's name while they are in the same chatroom

    first: In case you were not aware, you can quote passages from by reply by highlighting the text with your mouse (as if you wanted to copy it) and then using the small tooltip that pops up. By replying inline with bold text you're making it hard for me to reply you, because that feature is disabled within quotes.

    I knew that, but was in a bit of a hurry and not thinking clearly. Did not know bold text feature was disabled within quotes. Once again I come away better informed.

    Thanks again for the all your help.




    Thank you so much for your reply.


    Installed the chat (thank you for a great well-integrated plug-in for Woltlab Suite), but it seems we cannot use some of the commands,

    Woltlab Version WSC 3.1.11

    For example when trying to use these commands



    we get error messages such as: That command does not exist

    We cannot create temp rooms or use the whisper command, and get an error message



    Error msg: There are parameters missing to the given command;

    this error also occurs with the Whisper command even when clicking on the User's Name while they are in the Chatroom, so it does not seem to be a Command line input error

    Upon checking to see what commands are available (by typing / and hitting the tab key) only a few commands are listed as available:

    What are we doing wrong? Checked permission for user groups, and chatrooms and everything seems to be ok

    Also checked the Command Trigger List in the ACP and invite command is missing, from what is listed there:

    Thank you for your help.