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    first: In case you were not aware, you can quote passages from by reply by highlighting the text with your mouse (as if you wanted to copy it) and then using the small tooltip that pops up. By replying inline with bold text you're making it hard for me to reply you, because that feature is disabled within quotes.

    NOTED! Frankly not quite sure where we got that impression - except for users being accustomed to using them as typical IRC Chat commands. ?(

    So to be clear: the capability to invite another user who may be on a different chatroom to the room you're in is not available?

    Depends on what exactly you expect from an invitation. I'll tackle the reply differently and explain what works:

    1. The whisper command works even across chat rooms. So you can simply message the person, asking them to join you.
    2. Using /where you can get a list of users within the different rooms.
    3. You can join multiple rooms within different browser tabs.

    :?:To explain why we were trying to use the /invite command: We have certain rooms that have restricted access, but occasionally would like to invite a non- authorized user in for a discussion without having to change their overall user permissions. Is there an alternative way to accomplish this?

    Not without creating a custom plugin for the chat. Invitations are only available for the creator of temporary rooms. Extending that to the regular permanent rooms comes with some large question marks regarding the correct behavior. Should the extra permissions be removed automatically? Does the moderator need to do this explicitely? Should the permission be granted only for a single use? That's why it's not there.

    We are using the correct syntax for the /whisper command and it worked well until recently. :/Also, the same error occurs if you click on a user's name while they are in the same chatroom and select 'Whisper'. Will get a screengrab if the problem persists and post here to illustrate.

    Ideally both a screenshot with the error message and the exact message as entered within the text box.

    We were using the incorrect syntax for /temproom - (we were including it in "quotes" as one would do for the /whisper command; thank you for providing the proper syntax for that

    Quotes are required for whispering only when the username contains spaces to clear any ambiguity (/whisper Tims Chat is great, am I whispering to the User 'Tim' the message 'Chat is great' or to the user 'Tims Chat' the message 'is great'?). When the username does not contain spaces you can simply write the name without quotes.

    :thumbup:Thank you again Tim for a great plug-in. Our little community would be lost without it! Keep up the good work:thumbup:

    Thank you, I appreciate it!


    For example when trying to use these commands



    we get error messages such as: That command does not exist

    These commands do not exist. Where did you get the impression that they do?

    We cannot create temp rooms or use the whisper command, and get an error message



    The syntax of these commands is:

    /whisper "Username" Message to be whispered
    /temproom create
    /temproom invite "Username" (this is from within the temporary room to grant access to another User)
    /temproom delete (this is from within the temporary room to delete it; the room will automatically be deleted when empty for a certain amount of time)

    Upon checking to see what commands are available (by typing / and hitting the tab key) only a few commands are listed as available:

    The chat only shows the first 5 matching completions. Type more characters to refine the selection. By the way: It can also complete the command parameters!


    you need to change the group permissions, they are located at the same location where all the other permissions can be changed as well.


    As a separate question, can I set package availability based on group, or only based on member?

    sure, that's the whole point in defining groups. It's the JSON object keyed by the group name ("*":"*" in your example JSON).


    I assume it's because of one of the packages. Starting the Package Server using DEBUG="*" npm start or docker run -e DEBUG=* … should provide some helpful debug output.

    Hi @IT Guy,

    good catch. In fact this is not a suggestion but a real must-not-happen bug. I just fixed the issue and uploaded Tims Chat 3.0.6 to my package server and the plugin store. It should be available there soon as well.

    At this point I must deeply apologize for my really sub par actioning speed on this issue. This must not happen for such privacy violating bugs.


    You'll need a working installation of nodePush as well, Push only provides the APIs to push information, nodePush ist currently the only plugin that does the actual hard work. Currently setting up nodePush is a bit broken, because of messed up dependencies, though. In any case you would need a dedicated server to run nodePush.