Terms Of Use

Published: May 21st 2018, 10:02 pm

Terms Of Use


Tim’s Bastelstu.be is a private operated, non-commercial service. The use of Tim’s Bastelstu.be is free for guests, as well as registered users.

Participating in Tim’s Bastelstu.be

In order to participate in Tim’s Bastelstu.be one has to create an user account and accept this terms. After the change of this terms the user has to re-accept this terms. The rejection will lead to the deletion of the user account.


Registration is only allowed for natural persons that are at least 18 years old. Every natural person may create at most one user account in Tim’s Bastelstu.be. The operator reserves their right to ban user account temporarily or permanently. The user is informed about their ban and the reasons for it after login into their user account. The account credentials (particularly passwords) must be protected from third party access.

Termination Of Membership

Any member may terminate their membership at any time in their user account. The termination takes places after seven days, shorter periods are not possible. One may not create another user account after terminating his first membership.

Created contents are not affected by the termination of a membership. If one wants to have contents of himself removed he has to inform the operators within 24 hours after activation the termination of his membership. The operators reserve the right to reject this removal if the contents do not contain any personal data.


The user grants the operators of Tim’s Bastelstu.be a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive license on his submitted contents. Particularly the user confirms that they hold the necessary copyright or license to grant the aforementioned license to the operators of Tim’s Bastelstu.be.

With the acceptance of this terms the user assures that they will not publish abusive or illegal contents, hatespeech and not breaking current applicable law. ParticularylThe author takes full responsibility for his published contents, this includes contents of his personal user profile.


Advertisment is prohibited in Tim’s Bastelstu.be. Advertisment are contents and links that refer to commercial homepages in order to promote paid products or services.

Even if these contents and links may be helpful in the context of a discussion topic we do not approve of getting help after paying for it. An exception is made for explicitly requested information regarding commercial services or products.

Tim’s Bastelstu.be is not a platform for internet forum promotion. Contents that serve the whole purpose of promoting ones own homepage are disallowed, this is independent of whether the homepage is commercial or not.