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Since 2010 Tim’s Bastelstu.be is your place to go when looking for high quality extensions for your community. If you are not confident yet, we want to give another two good reasons for you to choose an extensions out of our manufacture because the best things come in threes:
  1. Free: Every extension made by Tim’s Bastelstu.be is being provided for free under an open source license.
  2. Experienced team: You have got a problem with one of our extensions? Ask our experienced team and they will help you.

Recent Activities

  • Wolf2014 -

    Replied to a comment by Wolf2014 on Tim’s wall.

    Wall Reply
    Hallo Tim, dann ist meine Frage beantwortet. Und das mit 3.1.8 verstehe ich natürlich. Ist ja auch schon ne Zeit her. Trotzdem Danke für den Hinweis.