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    guests are not supported for technical reasons.

    Well, can't you bypass these "technical reasons"? Or at least make it possible for a link to the chat room to be visible for guests in the forum header and when they click on it to prompt out a message asking them to register if they want to access the chat room.


    Thanks for your confidence in my work! Unfortunatly I am not able to adapt the chat to any other forum software. There are two main reasons for this: a) I don't even own a license of IPB or XenForo and therefore I don't know how to write extensions for these softwares b) I make heavy use of WoltLab Community Framework. While I could port the basic chat features after extensive studying of IPB's or XenForo's code / docs I still would not be able to write "Tim's Chat". It would be a chat by Tim, but it would differ.

    Would you allow other programmers to adapt your chat script for other forum software? Is your script free and open source?

    Maybe you could consider changing your forum software to Woltlab Burning Board ;)
    The importers would be ready to transform all the required data von IPB and XenForo.

    I have no idea how to do the conversion by myself, and the WoltLab team charges a whole lot of money just to have someone install the script on your server. I don't think they even offer conversion services.

    Can you link me to some forums (except this one) that use Tim's Chat? :|

    Thank you for your answers. Sorry to see that this chat doesn't work with any other forum script other than Burning Board. :( Is there any way I could hire Tim or another developer to adapt the chat room for IPB or XenForo?


    I am new to this chat script. I don't know much about it. Can you tell me if it can be implemented into a XenForo community as the official chat room, and whether the members can log into it directly, with their member accounts, without having to type a username to enter the chat room?

    Also, does it support private chats between members? And kicking and banning from the chat by moderators? Can chat moderators be set up from the admin panel?

    How much does the script cost and who can install it for me?