Welcome in Tim’s Bastelstu.be 2.0

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    I’d like to welcome you in my Bastelstu.be 2.0. My Bastelstu.be is now running on Burning Board 4 and was redesigned from the beginning as an independent board, that’s why I did not import any of the old threads, posts or users. Except of that there aren’t many changes: The support still is running smooth, the style (which was created by Matthias Kittsteiner) is similar to the old one and the boards are almost the same as well.

    I'd like to inform you about the other changes that you'll have to expect as well:

    • Tim's Bastelstu.be got three brand new collaborators: Please welcome @Max, who is responsible for the frontend of Tim’s Chat 3 and @Jan as well as @Sascha, who joined us just in time. All of them will help you in case you got problems with one of our extensions.
    • There are new products: In case you already checked out our product page you may have already seen our new extensions for your community. Tim’s 2-Factor-Authentication helps protecting your members and One-Time-Username prevents misuse of old usernames. For the developers among us: There are several new packages for developers that will help you improve your extensions.
      I want to point out that my extensions for WoltLab® Community Framework™ 1 are no longer supported nor modified. However some of them will reincarnate for WCF 2, they simply were not ready until December 12th. Stay tuned!
    • For the fans of Tim’s Chat there is some bad news though: Unfortunatly the Chat did not get finished either, due to @Max computer being broken a few days ago, so he could not finish the frontend. You may test the chat in it's current form despite that issue, simply head to our Jenkins and download the current build. You should note that the english language is still missing currently, it will be added once everything in the frontend is set. Once Max is available again he will finish and polish everything and we will officially release the chat into Beta with the Final being released shortly afterwards :)

    Now: Check everything out, install our new extensions and have fun with your community!