Images broken after 7 days

  • Hi,

    On my forum, there is a post where the rendered page (via "View Page Source") is showing the locally cached image URL, but the post was made more than 7 days ago (in fact, about 13 days).

    The images on the page are displayed as broken image icons.

    So I think the cache plugin should be showing the remote files by now, and probably the reason it is showing "broken image" icons instead of the images is that the images are no longer in the cache?

    Any idea how I can fix this please?

    The post in question is >here<.

    Many thanks for a great plugin!

  • Sorry to comment to my own thread but... I have had to switch off the cache, so that link I posted has pictures that are now working, but it's a shame I had to switch it off, so if you know how I can fix it please let me know.

  • Hi,

    My site is so much slower with your cache plugin disabled but if I switch it back on the cache is not always working.

    Is there a way to force the cache to rebuild? I'm sure that will fix it.

  • Thank you, perfect!

    Please tell me, is there a reason we can only cache images for up to 7 days? The plugin offers such an excellent speed boost, it would be nice to be able to cache them for much longer.

    Further, I can imagine more enhancements, should you wish to make them! For example, an option in each post under Settings:

    Cache images locally [x] for [ 21 ] days

    and if you check the box you can change the number from 0 (cache for ever) to any positive integer.

    Thank you for making the plugin, I really appreciate your time and effort.