Photobucket problem

  • Hi Josh,

    I have been trying to contact you, maybe I finally found the right place. It's confusing.

    I have been using ImageProxy for 8 months and recently, like in the last few days, Photobucket images have started to appear as "broken image" icons instead of the image itself, in posts.

    In the editor, the images appear perfect.

    But once you save the post, they are broken.

    So, the cache is not working, for Photobucket images.

    The Photobucket URLs have always been strange -- ending in HTML not JPG for example -- but it has always worked before now.

    Example post:…r/?postID=27792#post27792

  • On your server you mean?

    There has to be something else going on, perhaps a clash with another plugin or something, because as I mentioned, when the post is in the editor the images are visible, so Photobucket can't have blocked us.

    It's only in the final rendered post that a broken image link is displayed.

  • But the fact that they are visible in the editor means that the Photobucket server is not blocking the IP.

    Not to worry, I will continue to investigate and let you know if I find the cause.

    Thank you .

  • You said: "Maybe your IP has been blocked by photobucket."

    But it can't have been, because if it had been, they would not be visible in the editor!

    I understand that in the editor they are not cached and in the post they are, so the fact they show in the editor indicates that it is the cache that is not working.

  • I am not a developer (I was 10-20 years ago) but I am also not a moron.

    I'm trying to understand. I can't believe you would "Dislike" my post for that.

    By "WEBHOSTING-IP" you mean the IP address of the server where the website in question is hosted, yes?

    So if the IP address of the server is blocked by Photobucket, how can the images can appear in the editor? I am just trying to understand.

  • The images in the editor (as they are not cached by the proxy) are requested by your browser and therefore your computer :)